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“Small Business and Life Coaching From A Biblical, GOOD NEWS Perspective”

Life (Personal) Coaching
At some point in time most people find themselves in a place where they want to see a breakthrough in some area of their life.  Whether for personal growth, getting “unstuck” or free from negative, self destructive patterns or help with discovering your true, God-given potential.  Together we can discover your spiritual gifts and calling.  Or perhaps like many others you find yourself in a place of transition –  like divorce, separation, career change, etc. The first step is being open to coaching and willing to take action to create the change you desire.

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Small Business & Productivity Coaching
The fact of the matter is, that many times self employed (entrepreneurial) people are great at what they do and what they love – however, often times that does not include the details of running a business.  BUT, GOOD NEWS – you can get better! Good News Coaching™  will help you with improved systems, strategies and resources to reach your goals.
Lisa has coached hundreds of REALTORS across the country. She specializes in helping agents build better systems, improve or create their brand and increase their business production while working smarter. She helps new agents launch their real estate career with confidence and vital systems for fast results. She will guide experienced agents in team building, hiring systems and best practices to breakthrough and achieve a new level of success.

Perhaps you are ready to shift into the next gear, identify & reach your business goals, stretch yourself to improve overall performance and focus.

Click here to schedule a FREE, 30 minute Discovery Session

With Small Business Coaching you can expect:

  • Increased Profit
  • Improved Focus on Goals and Clarity of Vision
  • Advanced Productivity – Prioritization of Your Time
  • Increased Confidence 
  • Less Stress – More Life!

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