Small Business Coaching:
If you are the owner/operator of a small business that fits the description below, please contact us for more information.

  • Learning based and desire for positive change and growth
  • Open to new ideas
  • Understand and embrace positive accountability relationships
  • Can-do attitude
  • Good corporate citizens who value excellent customer service
  • Embrace a God First philosophy in life and business.

Small Business Coaching

Are you launching a new online business or creating a name for yourself in your community as a small business?  There are lots of great things to do and keep you busy but what is MOST important for you and your business?
Coaching will help you assess, focus and see results faster.
Let us help you with : Building Your Brand, Build a STRONG Referral Database, Domain and Website Direction, Hiring Strategies, Team Building and Leadership Development and more.

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Specializing in Real Estate Coaching:

Whether you are newly licensed or a 30 year veteran, at one time you had a dream when you began your real estate career. Have you been living the life of a successful, profitable business owner with plenty of time to spend with family and friends? Our training, coaching, and business consulting programs can help you have a life and a business that you’ve always dreamed of. We have more than a decade of industry experience and success in; complete brokerage launch, RE TEAM business launch, sales and productivity, niche and brand development, marketing, one on one business coaching, personal consulting, real estate consulting and more.

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GoodNews™ Coaching & Training
The coaching process for both real estate professionals and small business owners begins with the following three key assessments:

  • The DISC
  • The 4 Corners of Your World Excercise™
  • Core 4 Success Business Plan™

These 3 key tools will provide a wealth of information about what works and does not work for you. Together with your coach, you will use the assessments to quickly uncover your personal path to success. Depending upon your unique profile, your coach will then determine a customized coaching plan that will support you based upon where you are now in your business and where you want to go. We’re here to help you set and reach your goals quickly.
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More about Real Estate Coaching:

GoodNews CORECOACHING: New Real Estate Agents launching a new business will develop the key skills and systems to help build and sustain a strong database of clients. Create a marketing presentation and learn the basics of negotiation. (New or Agents with less than 2 million in annual sales volume, who’d like to RE-launch their business.)

GoodNews BOOST™ COACHING: Agents with more than 2 million in annual sales volume will soon be able to identify the gaps in their current systems and discover the tools, resources and skills to quickly start working smarter. This is a FAST Track for FAST results!

GoodNews FREEDOM™ COACHING: Agents with an annual sales volume of 4 million or more will focus on strategies to build a strong team, including resources for  tracking, budgeting and smart hiring systems. 

All GoodNews™ Coaching Clients receive:

  1. Initial interview  & Questionnaire
  2. Personality Profile Assessment & Validation Session
  3. GoodNews™ Monthly Inspiration- Five-minute monthly recorded video covering timely topics to keep you on track.
  4. 4Corners of Your World™ Exercise  (To identify and release limiting beliefs and discover  your “WHY” so you can get into massive action.
  5. GoodNews Live™ -coaching session calls (weekly, monthly or customized and determined by you)
  6. Free attendance to one GoodNews e-Training Webinars™ on various business building topics.
  7. GoodNews Live Events,  Training and Marketing Tool discounts (50% off regular registration pricing- up to 20% off Marketing Tools)
  8. One-year access to all materials and resources in our Members Only Resource downloads. (Coming soon)
  9. Partner and Affiliate Discounts for tools and resources where available.
  10. GoodNews Coaching Members you are invited to submit articles  for our newsletter and guest blog on relevant topics.

Referral Partners Program – Coming soon!