Flow – The Winner’s Zone


Fall in love with the FLOW of the process and success will follow!

Guest Blog By: Carmen E. Burnham, MSW

As I reflected on what to share with you, the word “FLOW” flashed across my mind.  You’ve heard the expression, “get in the flow” or “let it flow!” What images does “flow” provoke for you? Flow of water? Flow of cash? “Or, “just let your love flow?”  Usually the word “flow” presents positive images, right? Now, FLOW has another meaning. It has gained fame in the field f Psychology and means “to be in the zone.” Getting in the “flow” can be both a spiritual and a mental state that causes the knowing that you have the potential to succeed.  Flow helps to maximize your potential to succeed.  As I allowed myself to “flow” in gaining inspiration to write this, the word “flow” came as an acronym. Let’s see what F-L-O-W includes.


“F” – is for Focus. The latin word for focus is Hearth.  A hearth is where a fire burns. It has to do with your passion.  Staying engaged in the flow of your passion fuels your motivation.  Focus means intense concentration. One area of “being in the zone” is “being in the now!” Being focused “on the now” causes connection with what matters like your goals, or the person you are conversing with at the moment.  I have made it a goal of mine to be fully engaged with the person I am conversing with as if they are the only one in my life at the moment, because he or she is! And let’s not forget Who is to be our ultimate focus.  He, for whom our hearts burn with passion. Focusing on His life flowing into you even now yields His presence that fosters advancement.


“L” – is Listen.  I always teach there are 3 to whom we are to listen- The Lord, ourselves and others. To listen to the Lord for His instruction requires listening to the flow coming from your heart. “Be still and know I am God.”*  Listening requires “being in the zone.”  We also need to listen to our “gut’ which is that safety mechanism that is like a green light that tells us to go ahead with our plans or a red light that means “stop do not advance to GO and do not collect $200.00” – there is danger ahead.  This type of listening sharpens our skills to listen to our clients,  which builds relationship and insures accurate fulfillment of client’s’ needs, which insures success in your field of endeavor(s).


“O” – Optimum is the best level or state that could be achieved; The best results coming from the most favorable, the most suitable advantageous conditions or results. “Being in the flow”  presents one with the highest experience of functioning in faith, in confidence in yourself and presenting the best of yourself professionally. Gold medalist talk about “being in the zone.” Like an Olympian, order to reach your goal(s) you must focus on what behaviors you need to achieve the optimum.  We are told by Jesus and by Paul “to press towards the mark of the prize of the high calling”**  knowing that whatever we are doing, we are ultimately to bring God glory. Optimum fosters the spirit of excellence.


“W” – Wisdom determines how prepared you are to engage with the power that propels you towards your purpose. When we lack wisdom, we lack confidence, and direction.  We have a tendency to stay stuck instead of FLOW. When the Lord states, “I will make you the head and not the tail,”*** it literally means I will give you the ability to make wise choices in life.  Wisdom dictates that you must invest in yourself to be at your optimum flow.  You are worth it to invest in you!


“Being in the flow” has to do with being at ease. There is a joy that accompanies the flow because you are engaging in the current of what you have been anointed to do.

The anointing makes everything seem easy. The anointing is what causes you to flow! But remember you are not engaging in the flow alone.  You have the God of the universe who has called you to flow and backs you up as you go- so enjoy the FLOW! *Ps. 47:10; **Phil.3:14; ***Deut. 28:13


carmen-2017-2Rev. Carmen E. Burnham, MSW is currently working on obtaining a Doctor of Divinity Degree, is former CEO of Life Enhancers, Inc; Co-hosted a daily one hour live counseling program- “Insights for Life and TV program- The Divine Life. . She is a  married mother of three grown daughters and a granddaughter. In ministry (Conquerors in Christ) and head of her private Christian Psychotherapy Counseling center since 1990, she is spiritual mentor and coach to many.


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