I Get To Choose

When I read those words – I GET TO CHOOSE – I feel both the weight and the freedom that this simple statement brings. There is definitely a feeling of accountability for my actions but even before the actions or behavior I select comes the thoughts I dwell on, allow and believe. When I think of the statement from the angle of empowerment, I am reminded that my choices are my own and not anyone else’s. It’s also the realization that when life happens (as it always does) I have choices in how I will respond. I don’t have to follow that old template that was set by my childhood stuff, I can CHOOSE to recreate the template. It’s not easy – it’s work for sure. But the ability to walk in FREEDOM is worth the work we do on the inside.

Awareness, I believe is what lights the pathway for us. Deciding (Choosing) to SEE things we may have missed and even allowed, keeps the focus on ME and not on others. I find myself, even in prayer continually reframing my thoughts. It wasn’t a natural process to re-think my thinking. But it’s kind of like in the Matrix – once you know – YOU KNOW. Awareness comes to us through God. His Spirit brings counsel, brings Truth and brings us to each next step we need to become more like Him.

I am a pretty visual person and I love to draw, doodle and write. This is part of how I process. This is why journaling is so cathartic for many people and leads them from one place to another. Think of a circle

When we come to a place where we’ve been before it’s like the top of the circle. Just before we go around the same path ( around the circle again) there’s a moment where we have a choice to go OFF ROAD. (so to speak) This is how I think of coaching. Coaching helps us to first identify the circle, the rut, the do-over. What is the repeating behavior or cycle? Coaching helps us figure out what the name of the cycle might be that keeps us stuck. This is an important step so we know what we’re dealing with. Why do we need to know what we are dealing with? Sometimes we have false beliefs – even lies that we’ve believed that hold us back from change. We can’t replace those lies if we don’t know what they are. Just facing a lie and calling it a lie is a huge achievement. That’s a breakthrough! The next step is breaking the agreements with the lie so they can then be broken and re-alignment with TRUTH can start taking you to new places. This takes time to work on new habits. It takes practice and re-alignment. Re-alignment can feel uncomfortable at first but the new way should feel different – it will feel NEW. This is where you start seeing new growth in probably several areas of your life.

This all sounds so easy right? I call it the ‘inside work’ – it’s WORK for sure. But GOOD NEWS – When God is living on the inside He helps us – strengthens us to be able to face what we thought we couldn’t and He even helps us know things that bring discernment and awareness at just the right time. He is our Advocate that is leading the way. But He will never take us anywhere we are unwilling to go. We Get To Choose.

Lisa Creed
Good News Coach

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I'm a mom and a 'Mi Mi'. I'm a long time Texas REALTOR, Professional Business Coach, Speaker and Freelance Writer. I enjoy wearing lots of hats as long as I'm helping people - I'm happy !

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