Faith That Grows Us

​Praying for faith might be like praying for patience. Lol 

FAITH requires stepping out of the boat. Leaving the dock first…then the boat. Haha  But it usually involves some kind of LEAVING. Leaving a mindset, leaving your idea, leaving a fear, excuses, expectations etc. Growing OUR FAITH happens when we allow the Word to penetrate to deeper levels.  We know His Word – “…the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit, joints from marrow; it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 (all that deep stuff that matters)  So what do you think happens when we allow and bring THE WORD into DEEP PLACES? I believe it cleans out, realigns us, and IGNITES us toward our purpose- our God DREAMS. Can you see how Faith and Dreaming are closely tied together? Have you ever had a big God Dream that you put on a shelf? May I suggest the connection of how God grows our faith through God Dreams? He has a purpose for you and a future plan. The plan might be laying dormant today. Maybe waiting on more faith muscles, maybe just waiting on the perfect timing, maybe it’s time.
How do we grow our Faith muscle and engage with our God Dreams?

First… What are you surrounding yourself with on a daily basis? Faith or Apathy? (ouch)

If there’s room for improvement in your answer then consider these ideas.  I’m sharing my thoughts and leaving room for you to answer on your own for each.

1. How can you purposefully start putting yourself in positions of faith? 

Could it be as simple as Saying Yes to Holy Spirit? Sometimes it’s as easy as a daily prayer. “Lord, here am I, send me.” One of the fastest prayers I ever have answered is simply this; “Lord help me see FAITH opportunities today to BE your servant. (hands and feet…boots on the ground) If there’s someone (cuz there is always someone) I can share You with today or help in your name…help me see it and I will do what you ask, share, give, encourage etc.”  
Every ..single… time…A door opens almost immediately.  Pray.   Hear.    OBEY.
(share your thoughts?….) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How can you purposefully place and build FAITH support around you?

MY TRIBE is a huge part of my support system.  We all need Jesus with skin on right?  Having my tribe to lean on for prayer, to share with and ask for help is vital to each of us. He has made each of us to be knit together. Jesus was great at Community. He didn’t shy away from it out of any kind of fear. He was intentional about who, what and even where and when. His purpose was PEOPLE. Loving God and loving people. Like the three stranded, intertwined physical cord (rope) and or chord .  🎶
Think about what HARMONY sounds like and does to a song.  When I was leading worship full time, I enjoyed letting others sing the melody so that I could sing harmony.  There’s a time for singing the melody (leading)  and time to find the notes in between to create a beautiful, powerful chord. I love tight harmonies. They make me …. well, FEEL a part of something bigger. Our connections (our chords/ cords) are not accidental. We are made for collaboration because He lives on the inside of us. We are each ministers to one another.  Somedays I’m the giver and other days the receiver. We need time doing both to grow our faith. 
(Share your thoughts)

I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me and I hope this encourages you to grow your faith muscle. (email me or comment below)

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