Don’t Give Up

Daughter of the King

Some days it seems like I need a reminder that I AM Royalty!  (where’s my royal maid!- LOL)  I am a daughter of the King!

Some days I need to change my perspective so I can once again be at peace, move in my calling, stand on His promises…..  I’m so glad that even when I am faithless – He is faithful and He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.  So what happens to my faith – why do I just want to throw my hands in the air somedays and GIVE UP? Why is there such a struggle to stay in that place of faith and perseverance?    I’ve said it before … I get filled up with faith … but then ….I LEAK!    Time to plug the holes and get under the faucet.

One day I was ready to give up when the Lord said to me “look around you – what do you see?  Where are you?”   It took me a while to get it, but I started with the obvious.  ‘ I see my bedroom Lord, my walls…. my chair…’  Then I started to understand the question.  What have I surrounded myself with?  Is there encouragement readily available?  The Word? Music for my spirit?   Changing my environment and purposely placing myself in the middle of faith and hope can change my thinking and it changes ME!  You can’t expect to stay in a place of faith and fullness when you’re surrounded by negative people, thoughts or input.  What’s input?   It’s what going in to you – either intentional .

There’s a battle going on everyday for my thoughts – for my feelings and my emotions.  My spirit wants to lead and does a much better job than when my soul is in charge. (mind, will and emotions).  Knowing there’s a battle going on in my mind helps me to remember to be prepared and to watch what I’m surrounding myself with.  It’s not enough to just read my Bible and listen to worshipful music.  I might be able to maintain with that plan – but in order to get ahead I have to memorize scripture – speak it outloud and remind my soul who is really in charge. I like to have a retreat day or weekend where I can really disconnect from everything and just get alone with God.  See what’s on His mind — no list of requests – just time to say “Lord, what do you want to say to me today? What’s on YOUR heart today? – I’m here to rest in you today and bless you …and just to listen.”

It’s a challenge to make it happen – but so important.
I think of Psalm103– “Bless the Lord Oh My Soul and all that is within me bless His holy name!”  It reads like a command to my soul to wake up and bless the Lord – because I said so!!

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