What’s Your Ceiling?

ceilingAre you struggling with one or more of what I call “Ceiling Symptoms”?

  1. Ceiling of Paralysis–  You are overwhelmed with ideas and information and have several incomplete projects waiting to be addressed.   Coaching will help you prioritize, evaluate and then implement and take action !
  2. Ceiling of Attention– You have a great service or product but not enough customers or clients.  Coaching will lead you to new marketing & prospecting strategies to help you find more business quickly.
  3. Ceiling of Talent–You are distracted and bogged down with things outside your strengths or expertise.  You could bring in more business if you weren’t doing everyone’s else’s job.  Perhaps you have hired and DE-hired but can’t seem to find the right fit for your team.  Coaching and Consulting can help you implement a powerful and effective hiring system that will save you time, money and stress.

I call these the common “ceilings” because these are the common issues we all run up against. These road blocks  seem to slow, stop or block growth in our business.  We all came into our business with natural abilities, gifts and talents — these usually lead us into a measure of success, but only to a certain level.  You must continue to seek, learn and explore ways to improve and push your business forward.  It doesn’t just happen, you have to initiate change and push forward. Pushing through these ceilings can lead to extraordinary results.  Coaching leads you through the process of breaking through your ceilings with specific tools and training to get back to loving your business – and loving your life!

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Published by Lisa Creed

I'm a mom and a 'Mi Mi'. I'm a long time Texas REALTOR, Professional Business Coach, Speaker and Freelance Writer. I enjoy wearing lots of hats as long as I'm helping people - I'm happy !

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